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Rocky: Michigan a topic of conversation at RNC 2012

Ok, here is what I have learned so far, and all I ask, is that you keep this between you, and me. OK?

I have learned that all the media wants to talk about is the Hurricane.

Now that it has passed and the sun is coming out, now they are wondering why the RNC was postponed for a day. Well, here is the secret; we Republicans have been blamed for the weather and climate change so much that we are a little sensitive. But who cares about Isaac (the name of the hurricane) when our nation has been hit with an even larger hurricane 3.5 years ago?

No RNC sessions, but a lot of networking and receptions today to discuss how we render aide to a state (Michigan) and a country that needs immediate attention. How better to do this, than to go straight to the state that’s hurting the most, Michigan?

I cannot stress how much attention Michigan is getting! Don’t believe me? Then just wait and see when the actual convention coverage starts. Yes, you will be able to see all the familiar faces sitting right up front. All the TV media is just talking about Michigan! It is so evident when yours truly gets to spend time and talk with Tom Brokaw (NBC Nightly News former Anchor) and Morley Saffer (CBS 60 Minutes).

So now, no more talk about the weather; let’s talk about the excitement. The excitement is all about Romney and Ryan. These are two solid men that have impeccable character and portray a positive image. No matter what the President and his Vice Gaffer will say and do, we have the upper hand here. As a matter of fact, after a healthy breakfast, the Michigan delegation listened to Newt Gingrich tell us this exact thing. So now, all we need to do is make sure that we put more of our agenda, to put our country back on the right track, out there and surpass the lies and personal attacks this President and the liberals will stoup to.

Another Michigan twist is the entertainment, with Kid Rock playing his famous ‘Born Free’ song, we are getting excited to start this Convention and show off what Michigan is all about. We are about hard work, we are about opportunity and we are about the pursuit of individual happiness. All those on the left that try to win your vote with the old ‘Republicans are only for the rich’ line are losing steam. What the Republicans are for is you, me and our families — and our jobs. Those are the facts, plain and simple. We are for freedom and the right for you to decide what to do with your life, your hard-earned money and to help those that do need a helping hand.

The new Republican Party is here, and we ask you to join us so that together we can bring real hope and put our Country back on track with a man that isn’t bought or sold by special interests, but by our interest and the future of our great state and Nation!

Normally, when I travel, I miss Michigan, but Michigan is so prominent everywhere we go, it’s like being at home with the exception of the palm trees and saltwater beaches (overrated). More tomorrow!