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Cox: If Romney wins Michigan, he wins it all

Last night was filled with music and politics. I attended a reception where we were entertained by the Oakridge Boys (preview for tonight) and got a chance to meet and speak with Mitt Romney’s son, Josh. Delegates from several states including Florida and Virginia were at the reception. Lots of yummy pulled pork sandwiches and shrimp cocktails.

Later the Mich. Delegation got to dance to Motown legends The Spinners. It was a great concert and everyone seemed to cut loose and have lots of fun.

Early this morning the Mich. Delegation was addressed by Frank Luntz, pollster and FOX News contributor. He was very entertaining. The room was packed with press.

Luntz told the delegation if Romney wins Michigan, he wins the presidency. That means we all have work to do but we can put Mitt on top.

Former Gov. John Engler and Congressman Mike Rogers also rallied the troops. But the real story this morning was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. He blew away the delegation with his ability to tell great stories and make you feel it is just you and he at a table chatting away. He shared a cute story about Gov. Romney and Ann meeting him to discuss an endorsement and how he and his wife were rushing to clean and organize the house for the visit — and he has 4 kids!!

We all can relate — or at least I can relate! He was excellent and kept us in anticipation for his huge speech tonight. Definitely worth tuning in tonight at 10:30 pm.

Right now I’m sitting front and center with the Mich. Delegation enjoying the stump speeches! The convention is full of energy and excitement for what’s to come.

Laura Cox
Laura Cox is Wayne County's lone Republican commissioner. She is also a mother and is wife of former Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox and sister-in-law of U.S. District Judge Mike Cox.