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Cox: RNC Day 1: Ann Romney steals the show

It was a powerful first day at the GOP convention. The Michigan Delegation is literally front and center of the stage!! With this privilege comes great responsibility and the Michigan Delegation is up to the task of victory for Mitt Romney.

When the delegate votes were cast this afternoon it was touching to hear Scott Romney cast Michigan’s votes for his little brother to become our candidate for president. Scott choked up a bit and it really was quite a special moment to witness.

I want to talk about the most important speech tonight and that was Ann’s. Ann Romney gave a moving speech about her love for her husband and the life they created together. There were many women watching and listening tonight who feel exactly how she does for their husband, son or brother. She was truly captivating to the audience and she firmly believes in her husband and his ability to serve the American people as president – successfully!

Ann Romney makes the case for her husband, Mitt, to be elected president.

It is evident Ann adores Mitt and she moved many people in the crowd to tears because her emotions were palpable.

Ann Romney’s story is relatable. She has had real challenges in her life and that makes her even more human and “like everyone else”. She mentioned being overwhelmed as a young mother and her fight with breast cancer and Multiple Sclerosis. Ann pointed out her “story book” marriage was actually a real marriage with challenges and struggles.

Ann Romney is a person I am drawn to know more about. She has a story to tell and I hope she shares more with the American people as the campaign continues because I believe Ann Romney is the asset the Gov. needs to win this election.

Michigan GOP boss Bob Schostak and Attorney General Bill Schuette don Gerald Ford jerseys.

Laura Cox
Laura Cox is Wayne County's lone Republican commissioner. She is also a mother and is wife of former Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox and sister-in-law of U.S. District Judge Mike Cox.