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Cox: Ryan, Rice give us our marching orders

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum addresses the RNC

The State of Michigan’s importance is proven each and everyday. The list of speakers addressing the delegation is long and prestigious. Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia kicked the morning off, assuring us that Mitt Romney is the candidate for people who love liberty, for people who dream big dreams and achieve them. He reminded us Michigan, like Virginia, is a swing state and victory in the state is important for victory in November.
We also enjoyed a visit from another Romney son, Matt (I have heard from 3 of the 5 boys this week). He cracked jokes about his brother Craig who addressed us earlier in the week setting the speaking expectations low. Matt shared a story about his dad visiting his then pregnant with twins wife on bed rest. Matt said he was busy with work and his dad was there to keep her company. He said they didn’t have a TV in the bedroom so his dad built a TV stand and splice the cable up to the room so she could at least watch TV. Matt said he was ashamed he had not thought of that but he explained that is the type of man his dad is- he fixes things and makes them better.
Congressman Pete Sessions, Senators Thune and McConnell and MI all came to our delegation and stumped for Romney/Ryan. It was really quite spectacular having these notable leaders come and speak with us.
In my explorations throughout the day I saw Karl Rove and Craig Romney in the hallway at convention center, Rick Santorum giving a speech at an event, George Stephanopoulos and Brian Williams in the hotel elevator, Newt Gingrich on the convention floor and I watched Bill O’Reilly, Charles Krauthammer and Bret Baier at work in the Fox News studio. I am positive I have seen other people but I can’t remember them all.

The great Karl Rove.

The convention was called to order around 7 and early in the evening it was easy to move around the convention center, from the floor to the suites and trying to get glimpses of the various TV news agencies reporting. As the night wore on it was difficult to move around because of the star packed speakers- at one point you could not get on or off the floor. Senator McCain addressed the convention and there was a cool video with Bush 41 and 43.
Condoleezza Rice was amazing. It was thrilling to hear her speak and boy did she have a lot to say. Her words were simple, clear, concise and thought provoking. She is a gifted orator and the crowd loved it. Condoleezza said, “You can not be reluctant to lead and you cannot lead from behind.” She talked about America’s belief in opportunity. She said Romney will rebuild America at home and that he can meet the challenges-when America made the impossible possible. She was the perfect warm up for the next vice president.
Paul Ryan introduced himself to America as a vice presidential candidate and what an impression he made. The crowd loved every bit of what he had to say. He was confident, personal, smart, poised, tough, attractive — the whole package. He hit — and I mean punched – all the issues people wanted to hear about healthcare, the economy, stimulus and more. He pointed out all the things wrong with the current administration and how it can change with Romney. It was energizing and the convention could not have been more pleased. Ryan did exactly what he needed to do to tee up Romney to give one of the most important speeches of his life. The GOP are literally salivating to witness Mitt Romney tonight and I can’t wait either.

Laura Cox
Laura Cox is Wayne County's lone Republican commissioner. She is also a mother and is wife of former Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox and sister-in-law of U.S. District Judge Mike Cox.