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Rocky: Ready to fight and win in November

So, you say you want to fight, do you? Are you sure? Do you really understand what’s at stake?

What’s at stake is this: if the Dems win, we all lose, but if Romney wins, we all win.

You’re probably saying, of course you would say that Rocky, you’re a Republican at the RNC in Tampa and you’re being self-serving, but you would be wrong if you thought that.

Here’s why; it’s because I believe in you and your family. The Republican Party believes in you and that in this great country, anything is possible.

Last night, the speakers made the best case for the fact that with Romney, we all win.

We all win because we would honor success and always try to help those who aren’t successful become successful. When we saw New Mexico Gov. Martinez, Secretary Condi Rice and Congressman/running mate Paul Ryan, we were inspired. Each one of the speakers spoke to the hearts of each individual in the United States.

The message was profound, as well as outstanding.

For the first time, you heard a Republican party apologize for being part of the problem of the past. We took responsibility and laid out a plan for the future and the success our nation. At the same time, all we hear from President Barack Obama is more figure pointing and attacks on Romney’s successful businesses.

So I ask you, are you with those that want us to continue down the path of spending, debt and more government Central Planning solutions, or do you want the freedom to know that you can make your own decisions and that government is only there if you need a hand up, and not a hand out?

This was one of the most important messages of the night. Do we want to live in a country where everything is free, except for our own lives? Also, why are we not celebrating Romney’s success? If he were my or your son, would we as parents, not be proud of the success? Of course we would be proud! Now is the time that we acknowledge that success is great and we should try to help everyone enjoy success by reaching their own dreams.

Sitting up front and Center, it seemed as though Paul Ryan was speaking this message of success to the Michigan delegation, and he might as well could have been when you look at what we have done in Michigan since Gov. Granholm has left our state. So much for Pure Michigan, when the first thing you do when you step down as Governor, is to leave the state.

After this great night, we topped off with a little bit more of pure Michigan with a great concert spanning into the early morning hours by our very own Kid Rock.

So, I have to ask you this very personal question. Are you better off now, than you were 4 years ago? For my Democratic friends reading this blog, answer honestly. The answer is we are not, and that is why I’m telling you, if the Dems win, we lose, but if Mitt Romney wins, we all can celebrate and put our nation back on the right track.

One more blog tomorrow and then I’m on my way back home to the state I am not leaving or turning my back on. I’m coming home to help Romney win Michigan!

Rocky Raczkowski
Rocky Raczkowski is a resident of Oakland County, former Majority Leader in the State House of Representatives, 26 year Army veteran - currently a Lt. Colonel and a business owner specializing in defense oriented logistics.