David Koch: Radical Socialist

According to some, Barack Obama is a radical socialist, for reasons including his support for raising taxes, support of gay marriage and support for cutting defense spending.

In a related story, noted Romney supporter and general Republican political philanthropist David Koch recently came out in support of raising taxes, in support of gay marriage and in support of cutting defense spending.

This is not to say that David Koch suddenly agrees with Barack Obama but rather to point out that politicians and the media love to gin up a rational debate with unnecessary rhetoric that vastly exaggerates the truth.

This sort of divisiveness gets Barack Obama labeled as unpatriotic when he opposed the war in Iraq while David Koch’s opposition to the war went un-chastised.

Neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney represent even a small threat to liberty, freedom, social welfare or capitalism and the fact that Romney, Obama and Koch all essentially agreed at one point on increasing taxes and supporting the rights of gays to marry tells you how not radically different the choice is this fall.

So when Chuck Norris’s wife tells you that electing Barack Obama will plunge the U.S. into a thousand years of darkness, realize how absolutely crazy such a statement is and base your decision on the actual policies each party presents, not the ramblings of an actor or the misleading rhetoric of your party’s talking heads.

Dale Hansen
Dale Hansen is a true patriot. This message has been approved by Dale Hansen