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Paul Ryan can't explain his math

In a interview on Fox, Chris Wallace tried to get Paul Ryan to explain the math of his grand tax plan. But Mr. Ryan can’t be bothered to divulge the details of how he can cut everybody’s taxes, yet not severely cut social programs, including Medicare, to make the numbers work without exploding the deficit.

When Chris Wallace pressed him for the numbers, Paul Ryan simply repeatedly countered with the same wild promise:

RYAN: It’s revenue neutral.

WALLACE: But I have to point out, you haven’t given me the math.

RYAN: No, but you … well, I don’t have the time. It would take me too long to go through all of the math. But let me say it this way: you can lower tax rates by 20 percent across the board by closing loopholes and still have preferences for the middle class. For things like charitable deductions, for home purchases, for health care. So what we’re saying is, people are going to get lower tax rates.

Note he carefully doesn’t say which people get lower taxes. That’s because independent analysts agree his math can’t possibly work as promised. At least not for everybody:

Ryan’s refusal to talk specifics only lends further credibility to the various studies and reports that have found time to do the math. And as ThinkProgress has reported, those studies from non-partisan organizations show that the Romney/Ryan tax plan would actually result in a huge tax cut for the wealthiest Americans. And the only way to keep it revenue neutral is to balance their plan on the backs of middle class families, who would see a tax increase of more than $2,000.

Not that complicated, but if Paul Ryan explained it to you people, you might not vote for him.

This harks back the whole conservative mantra of “shared sacrifice.” The way it works in Paul Ryan’s plan is the already wealthy get an even greater share of the wealth while the rest of Americans get the sacrifice.

Libby Spencer
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