Like Barbara Bush said, 'Get over it and move on'

November 6, 2012 could not have come and gone fast enough. Now that we are aware of who will lead this country for another four years, it is time for all of the negativity to subside. Both political parties need to get back to doing what they do best – much of nothing – and I am sure that we will be bombarded with the list of potential candidates for 2016 real soon.

Both sides of the aisle have a lot of work to do with regard to educating their base to not follow so blindly. As someone who feels that neither of the presidential candidates spoke to me, I did not cast a vote for them. However, as a citizen in this country, I made it known that I would stand behind and support the winner of the election.

Unfortunately, that cannot be said for many. It is truly appalling that so many people find themselves so upset at the outcome that they have resorted to vile commentary directed at the winner and those who supported him. Needless to say, had there been a different outcome, the vitriolic comments would still have been lobbed, but maybe with less heated content.

People need to understand that for every Ted Nugent, Donald Trump, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, there is a Democratic Party slappy to mirror each of the aforementioned partisan malcontent. What needs to happen going forward is that the losers have to become better losers.

We all want to win at whatever we do, but learning how to lose gracefully takes a person with a certain type of character. Interestingly enough, though I made it clear that I was not voting for the Democratic Party nominee, President Barack Obama, or the Republican Party nominee, Governor Mitt Romney, on the morning of November 7 I only heard from supporters of the president, who showed themselves to be just as classless as the losers for the other team. A few e-mailers told me that “He didn’t need your vote anyway.”

It is that type of ignorance which make the words expressed by former First Lady Barbara Bush so powerful. She is 100% right in saying, “People spoke. Move on, get on with it. I want to do other things and not to be ugly.” Even in victory, many on the left are showing themselves to be just as shallow as they are accusing those on the right to be. Barbara Bush is correct to suggest to people get on with their lives.

Barbara Bush is a voice of reason and her comments were directed also at the foolishness that abounds from the really shallow people who have started all the talk about seceding from this country. To that I say, go right ahead. Besides, there is nothing worse than a poor sport who resorts to making an excuse for a loss or even the lost souls on a college campus who chose to re-enact one of the worst moments in history on a certain Mississippi campus. If the election of a person to a public office is something that has impacted their lives so badly that the alternative is for them to suggest seceding from this country, to that I say, “Good riddance!”

First Lady Barbara Bush, thank you for your logical sense of perspective in regards to an otherwise sad state of affairs in America.

Eric Brown
Metro Detroitter who wants the best for the citizens of the area and a political pessimist. The two party system needs an overhaul, but can only happen if the electorate stay true to themselves by staying engaged. DPS product and Eastern Michigan University alumnus that knows the value of education, but also know that college is not for everyone. A major promoter of vocational training and alternative career opportunities. Not into being labeled politically and a constant ticket splitter. Michigan needs election reform in order to improve voter participation.