Outraged over executive orders? Reagan issued 381 of them

Fox News has found their latest non-story to be outraged about. This time it is in a bold heading titled “19 ways for Obama to skirt Congress on gun control.” Yes, Fox News is upset that the guy with the 54% approval rating is bypassing the organization with a 9% approval rating using a constitutionally approved option for enacting change.

Never mind that Barack Obama has only used this power 144 times compared with 291 for George W. Bush, 166 for George H.W. Bush and 381 for Ronald Reagan, and never mind that a number of the orders signed by these Republican presidents were also very controversial, letting Barack Obama do what other presidents before him have done is unacceptable and worthy of impeachment, according Fox News.

But rather than demonizing the president for how he implements a law, Fox News would be better served by focusing on the results of those laws. Polls show 85% of Americans support making all gun sales, even those done by private citizens and those done at gun shows, subject to background checks. This same poll also shows 80% approval for preventing mentally ill individuals from purchasing a gun, 66% support for creating a federal database for gun sales, 54% approval for banning high capacity clips, and 53% support banning online sale of ammunition.

If the president’s executive orders involve any of these changes it would seem the public will support his actions. So rather than lament the fashion in which these laws are enacted, Fox News should present any data that exists that proves these changes don’t work. Conversely, if these changes would result in fewer gun deaths then Fox News should demand that Congress participate in the democratic process and help the president rather than arbitrarily blocking all progress.

Contrary to popular belief among Fox News and their conservative following, the president and by extension most liberals have no interest in enacting new laws just for the sake of enacting new laws. If we can prevent gun deaths with changes to our current laws then we should do it. If not, then don’t. Simple as that.