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Global Warmonger Dan Akerson?

Detroit News photo

GM’s Dan Akerson (DA) seems to have copied and pasted the Obama administration’s policy talking points on green energy initiatives – ignoring that his claims about carbon dioxide amount to an admission that his product is killing the planet.

If you really believe in the myth of man-made global warming/climate change/climate disruption (or whatever is today’s operative phrase), Iwonder if he was encouraged to make suggestion as a tradeoff in his request for a bigger paycheck approved by the administration (no word whether he’s a spot in the foursome next time his dear leader plays with Tiger). From the Freep:

Akerson’s decision to speak out and emphasize the importance of securing the nation’s energy future could indicate the automaker is taking early steps to restore its influence in Washington.

His call for a national energy policy falls in line with similar remarks by other auto industry executives, including Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford, who has been calling for a national energy policy for years.

Akerson said the energy industry, clean-tech innovators, utilities, unions and manufacturers should “negotiate the necessary trade-offs” to “create our first sustainable consumer-driven energy policy.”

Frank Beckmann
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