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Don't let the media and corporations pick Mayor Duggan

The change that many are seeking in Detroit cannot be accomplished by just casting a vote for a person of a different color. Bottom-line folks: If you want change, Mike Duggan is not your candidate.

I have been very adamant about his candidacy and my lack of support for him. Detroiters have about 30 days to get themselves together and make the right decision at the polls. They should demand that Detroit media due their due diligence with a balanced synopsis of both candidates for mayor. Prepare yourself by asking some very basic questions:

1) Why did Kym Worthy endorse Benny Napoleon over the other guy?
2) Why is the media not reporting on the alleged malfeasance of one candidate while he was second in command during the McNamara regime?
3) Would Kwame Kilpatrick even be before a federal judge on October 10, 2013 had it not been for the ties that his dad had to Duggan and the McNamara administration?
4) Why has the media not done a compare/contrast story on a minority moving to a suburban municipality and their chances of becoming that city’s CEO?5) Is Duggan about change or just more of the same?
6) Is the need for a savior more important than the electorate saving themselves?

Detroit News photo

Detroit News photo

If you are a Detroit resident, I understand your frustration with leaders who have consistently let you down. But is it really about them letting you down? Or that you failed to hold them accountable?

Just as there was more than enough information about Kwame Kilpatrick’s character prior to the 2001 and 2005 elections that should have shaped your decision to vote against him, the same can be said about Mike Duggan.

Do not let the media and corporate community dictate to you who your leader should be. Note the unbalanced reporting in this mayoral campaign. The media bamboozled Detroit’s electorate claiming Duggan had little name recognition, even while doing their darndest to catapult him into a household name so that everyone knew how to spell his name by the time of the August 6th primary.

Mike Duggan is not the answer to turn Detroit around.

Who needs a hero? Detroit’s situation cannot be solved by the right set of people being put in place who have the right set of skills to navigate the turnaround. Detroit was sold a terrible bill of goods on Dave Bing by the very people pushing Duggan. Don’t allow history to repeat itself.

Do not let yourselves be bamboozled into thinking that black leadership is synonymous with failure. Those that have represented you have been failures due to their own character flaws. The color of their skin is secondary to integrity.

If you allow the media and corporate community to shove one candidate over another down your throat, it is your own fault if things do not work out.

Eric Brown
Metro Detroitter who wants the best for the citizens of the area and a political pessimist. The two party system needs an overhaul, but can only happen if the electorate stay true to themselves by staying engaged. DPS product and Eastern Michigan University alumnus that knows the value of education, but also know that college is not for everyone. A major promoter of vocational training and alternative career opportunities. Not into being labeled politically and a constant ticket splitter. Michigan needs election reform in order to improve voter participation.