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Mark Schauer's philosophy: Do as I say, not as I do

Mark Schauer

Mark Schauer

Mark Schauer has little to show for his 17 years as a career politician. His “do as I say, not as I do” attitude has hurt Michigan families for years.

At a Democratic Party meeting earlier this year, Mark Schauer was asked about his feelings toward voting in another party’s primary in order to undermine the system and elect a ‘weaker’ candidate. Schauer discouraged this ‘cross-ballot voting’ practice, saying, “I don’t recommend it.”

Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Lon Johnson and several other party leaders have also discouraged their ranks from cross-ballot voting on different occasions.

Given Schauer’s comments on the issue, many were confused last week when he admitted he voted in Michigan’s 2012 GOP Presidential Primary. While it is not clear who he backed, some speculate it was most likely Rick Santorum in an effort to undermine Michigan’s GOP primary voters because, he said, there was “nothing to vote for” on his side.

This begs the question: will Mark Schauer vote in the GOP primary August 5th because he is running unopposed on the Democratic side? Also, where are the Democratic officials who condemn this type of behavior and why aren’t they admonishing Mark Schauer for his antics?

When pressed, Schauer casually replied that he does not like to miss an opportunity to vote.

Unless, that is, it’s his job to vote.

In 2008, during Mark Schauer’s last year as a State Senator, he was criticized for missing more votes than all other lawmakers in his area of the state.

A year earlier Mark Schauer was actually kicked off the Campaign & Election Oversight Committee for skipping too many meetings.

Schauer’s tendency to skip out on the job he was elected to do didn’t stop in the Legislature. His first year in Congress, Schauer was caught leaving a Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing to attend a fundraiser with lobbyists and union bosses.

Schauer’s latest hypocrisy only compounds the credibility problem that has plagued him throughout his career. Mark Schauer has had ample time to prove himself to Michigan. Yet, he’s squandered that opportunity by dodging questions, refusing to reveal his plan and choosing special interests over Michigan families.

The problem is, we don’t know when Mark Schauer is giving us the whole truth, and when he’s trying to undermine something as important as voting.

When the full truth is revealed, we still don’t know if Mark Schauer is being honest, or if he’s saying something that merely sounds good to try and gloss over his first lie. We can’t afford a politician who treats us this way. This November, Michiganians will make that loud and clear.