Dan Calabrese

Dan Calabrese

Dan Calabrese is editor-in-chief of HermanCain.com, the multimedia site owned by former presidential candidate Herman Cain. In addition, he is an accomplished business and trade journalist - and is the author of The Royal Oak Series of Spiritual Thrillers, a three-part series of novels set in Royal Oak, and available for purchase at www.dancalabresebooks.com. Dan lives in Grand Rapids.

So says Lansing: Pure Michigan and 'job incentives' come before road fixes

This is why we can’t have nice roads. It’s not just that it costs money to maintain Michigan’s roads. It costs money to maintain every state’s roads. But once other constituencies are used to getting the money, you can never re-direct it to fix the roads without said constituencies shrieking. And if there’s one thing … Continue Reading →

Standardized testing should have no part in teacher evaluations

I understand what Senate Republicans are trying to do when they pass a bill linking student performance in standardized testing to teacher evaluations. According to a bill passed on Tuesday (still to be reconciled with what the House is doing), Michigan teachers would see 25 percent of their evaluation tied to standardized test performances, and … Continue Reading →

Bad compromise: Don't hang the Prop 1 disaster around Snyder's neck

I suppose Gov. Rick Snyder knew what he was getting into when he signed on with the previous Legislature to put the ill-fated Proposal 1 on the ballot. Throughout December’s lame duck session, Snyder worked extensively with Republican leaders Randy Richardville and Jase Bolger, and Democratic leaders Gretchen Whitmer and Tim Greimel, to come up … Continue Reading →

Detroit pays a price for clinging to the Big Three

During a recent visit to Michigan, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — who would like to be our next president — was badgered by local media who demanded to know if he would have supported the federal bailout of General Motors and Chrysler in 2008/2009. This is the ultimate trap question. It’s assumed that a free-market … Continue Reading →

Detroit City Council discovers a plan it won't obstruct -- its own pay raise

The shell game by which legislative bodies determine their own pay is quite the spectacle. A supposedly independent commission is set up to recommend lawmaker compensation, and their recommendation automatically goes into effect unless the legislative body takes specific action to reject it. Of course, the legislators take no such action when the recommendation is … Continue Reading →

Michigan insurers do not pay unlimited lifetime benefits

The Michigan Legislature’s latest effort to curb auto insurance rates might succeed while others have failed. But if it does, it shouldn’t be based on the fiction that auto insurers in Michigan are stuck paying for unlimited lifetime medical benefits for accident victims. They’re not. It’s true that the law provides for unlimited lifetime benefits, … Continue Reading →