Dan Calabrese

Dan Calabrese

Dan Calabrese is editor-in-chief of HermanCain.com, the multimedia site owned by former presidential candidate Herman Cain. In addition, he is an accomplished business and trade journalist - and is the author of The Royal Oak Series of Spiritual Thrillers, a three-part series of novels set in Royal Oak, and available for purchase at www.dancalabresebooks.com. Dan lives in Grand Rapids.

Kevin Cotter offers flimsy excuse to boot Cindy Gamrat from House GOP caucus

Michigan House Speaker Kevin Cotter is either a terrible leader or he just really doesn’t like Rep. Cindy Gamrat. Or both. Cotter’s decision to expel Gamrat from the House GOP caucus certainly looks like the sort of thing where he already had an outcome in mind and he was looking for a pretext. According to … Continue Reading →

Shakedown Street: Detroit City Council puts Red Wings arena project in jeopardy

A City Council that understands its job would review a proposed project, including a necessary rezoning request, by considering whether the project meets legal requirements, whether staff recommends approval, and whether the land use fits into the city’s overall long-term plan. Once you’ve got those things worked out and everyone has agreed on the money … Continue Reading →

This Week in Ballot Initiative Nonsense: Will Michigan voters ban fracking?

What does the average guy sitting around on the steps of his public library know about fracking? Nothing. What does the average employee of a signature-gathering company know about fracking? Nothing. He knows the talking points he’s been given by his employer’s client, which is that we need to stop a dangerous natural gas extraction … Continue Reading →

Un-PC American Sniper canceled at U-M . . . until a higher power (Jim Harbaugh) intervenes

Apparently Jim Harbaugh now runs the University of Michigan from top to bottom, which is probably an improvement over the status quo. U-M was fully prepared to cave to hypersensitive students by cancelling a planned Friday screening of American Sniper — until, that is, the football coach announced he would show it to the team, … Continue Reading →

Michigan needs an RFRA -- and so here's how to do it right

I suppose conventional wisdom would say the last thing Michigan needs is to pass its own Religious Freedom Restoration Act, considering the national freakout going on in response to the one just passed in Indiana. But conventional wisdom often chooses the path of least resistance over good policy and real justice. Chamber of Commerce types … Continue Reading →

Business and religious freedom 101

It’s difficult enough breaking through all the nonsense floating around about Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, as well as the similar bill still under consideration in Michigan. When people are determined to believe complete fiction about these laws (whether willfully, which I suspect, or out of complete ignorance), you’re pretty much wasting your time trying … Continue Reading →

Opposing Prop 1 isn't about punishing lawmakers; it's about rejecting bad government

Stephen Henderson of the Free Press had an interesting take earlier in the week about the notion that opposition to Proposal 1 is — foolishly in his view — a way of “punishing” the legislators who should have done their jobs in December (or whenever) and passed road-repair funding on their own. That’s self-defeating, Henderson … Continue Reading →

Here we go again: Do-nothing board tries to block Gov. Snyder's reforms

If there’s a legitimate criticism to make of  Gov. Rick Snyder with respect to the solving of Michigan’s biggest problems, it’s this: He tries too hard to work with the people who proved long ago they had neither the ability nor the inclination to accomplish to solve anything. The nuances of law and governance being … Continue Reading →