Glenn Gogoleski

Glenn Gogoleski

On a quest to share the virtues of capitalism, entrepreneurship, laissez-faire economics and personal responsibility to those that will listen. On top of being an avid sledhead, Glenn enjoys fine cigars, 2nd amendment rights (while he still has them), and the circus-like spectacle that is modern politics.

… and while we’re at it, let’s take a shot at Ann, too!

With the certainty of Romney being the Republican nominee, the two-party road to the White House race is now officially under way.  Filled with all of the mud-slinging, character assassination and political spin & folly that makes presidential politics better than any staged “reality” show,  it is a process that has that has elevated simple propaganda … Continue Reading →

The impact of Andrew Breitbart

“Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” – Admiral David Farragut That is the spirit in which Andrew Breitbart fought for his beliefs. He was a strong, loud conservative voice who did not back down from the false accusations and the intellectually empty arguments of his detractors.  He would not be bullied by the statists who … Continue Reading →


Building the Democratic voting base

Ah, yes.  Looks like the presidents policies are working. With all the praise fellow Dems are giving to this administration regarding the economic numbers, which are now just beginning to show signs of slight improvement, I have to wonder if they will want to spread the word on this latest example of government for your … Continue Reading →

The Emperor's Appeasement

Bad news for the president.  That little contraception controversy forcing Catholic employers to pay for birth control just doesn’t want to go away quickly and quietly.  Obama should have listened to the advice of his VP.  Yep, Joe Biden proved that even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and warned Obama of a … Continue Reading →

A few facts to ponder during the process of selection

Tonight, yet another Republican candidate debate has taken place.  And while the mainstream media and Democrats salivate over the latest Republican battle royale, here are a few fun facts to ponder and not lose sight of as to why the selection process is so important: Since January 20, 2009 (Obama’s Inauguration Day) – On average, the government has spent $6.6 million every … Continue Reading →