Detroit City Council discovers a plan it won't obstruct -- its own pay raise

The shell game by which legislative bodies determine their own pay is quite the spectacle. A supposedly independent commission is set up to recommend lawmaker compensation, and their recommendation automatically goes into effect unless the legislative body takes specific action to reject it. Of course, the legislators take no such action when the recommendation is … Continue Reading →

Michigan insurers do not pay unlimited lifetime benefits

The Michigan Legislature’s latest effort to curb auto insurance rates might succeed while others have failed. But if it does, it shouldn’t be based on the fiction that auto insurers in Michigan are stuck paying for unlimited lifetime medical benefits for accident victims. They’re not. It’s true that the law provides for unlimited lifetime benefits, … Continue Reading →

Kevin Cotter offers flimsy excuse to boot Cindy Gamrat from House GOP caucus

Michigan House Speaker Kevin Cotter is either a terrible leader or he just really doesn’t like Rep. Cindy Gamrat. Or both. Cotter’s decision to expel Gamrat from the House GOP caucus certainly looks like the sort of thing where he already had an outcome in mind and he was looking for a pretext. According to … Continue Reading →

Legislators' partisan caucuses keep Michiganians in the dark

Michigan politicos were all aflutter this week when State Rep. Cindy Gamrat, R-Plainwell, was booted from the House Republican caucus. She supposedly leaked details of closed door meetings to the public — a huge no-no in Lansing. We’ll never quite know for sure, because, in the words of Michigan House Speaker Kevin Cotter’s spokesman: “…We’ve got a … Continue Reading →