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Beyond Ferguson, let the conversation begin about policing powers

I attended a meeting with civic and government leaders this Tuesday, which was sponsored by the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion, that discussed events in Ferguson, Missouri and how institutional racism continues to negatively affect our nation. One thing was clear from the discussion is that race is still the most touchy subject in America. … Continue Reading →

In Clawson, a bad joke leads to a resignation -- but why?

Linda Grossman may or may not have been a good trustee on the Clawson Public Schools Board of Education. It hardly matters now because she is no longer a trustee for a reason that has nothing to do with the merits of her service. Grossman resigned under pressure this week because she said something she didn’t mean … Continue Reading →

The difference between a gay birthday cake and a gay wedding cake

Not that I am the biggest fan of outgoing House Speaker Jase Bolger’s bill concerning gay rights, but I do note that one of the left’s favorite criticisms of it is that Bolger’s language seeking to protect religious rights would create illogical distinctions between cakes. Here’s how my friend Eric Baerren at MichiganLiberal.com puts it: … Continue Reading →

Republican control is destined to fail

This week, President Barack Obama used his executive authority to prevent the deportation on millions of undocumented immigrants. It should come as no surprise that Republicans do not support this action and have added it to a growing list of complaints about how the president and congressional Democrats do business. Unfortunately for Republicans, these complaints … Continue Reading →

New suits seek to reverse Michigan affirmative action ruling

For 36 years the U.S. Supreme Court has wrestled with the issue of race-conscious college admissions policies. The court has heard case after case seeking to delineate the precise contours of constitutionally acceptable race preferences in admissions. Now, as veteran legal journalist Lyle Denniston reports, two new lawsuits, one aimed at Harvard and one at … Continue Reading →

AFSCME plays race card to prevent Michigan from rescuing minority-led cities

Having now emerged from bankruptcy, Detroit is now in the best position it’s been in years to emerge from a decades-long fiscal spiral and restore some semblance of economic vitality. And apparently it’s all because of a racist law. That’s the argument of plaintiffs who are now going to be allowed to proceed with a … Continue Reading →

JD on The News: Todd Gurley, Electoral College reform, and Thanksgiving

Todd Gurley gives it the old college try Asked to detail his love for football, Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders once said “I don’t love anything that can’t love me back.” I wish he’d given that advice to Todd Gurley, the University of Georgia RB and former Heisman Trophy contender who tore his ACL … Continue Reading →

Soon, America won't have Obama to kick around anymore

In January, both houses of Congress will be majority Republican. Many of these elected officials believe they have been sent to make sure they discredit any and every positive aspect of President Barack Obama tenure. The Republicans before them worked hard to stop Obama from being reelected in 2012 after he shocked the world in 2008 … Continue Reading →

Elliott-Larsen effort masks real sins of Northern Michigan lawmaker

Disgraced Michigan Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema may have gotten something right, albeit with the wrong intention. Republican State Rep. Frank Foster believes his denouncement of Agema’s well-publicized bigoted remarks, capped by his push to change the state’s civil rights law, led to his primary election loss to Lee Chatfield. Foster had been working for … Continue Reading →

Michigan doesn't need Electoral College reform

If Michigan chose presidential electors as many conservative activists now want it to — apportioning one per each congressional district based on which candidate carries each respective district — Mitt Romney would have carried the majority of the state’s electors, even though President Barack Obama carried the majority of the state’s popular vote. That, I … Continue Reading →