Obama's auto bailout whopper

The Boca Bout was about foreign policy, but a subplot was of particular interest to Michigan’s economy: President Obama’s whopper on the auto bailout. For the first time, the two candidates went head-to-head on the Government Motors details – and Obama got it wrong. Badly wrong. Damn-the-facts-I’m-clinging-to-my-talking-points wrong. For the record, Mitt Romney has always … Continue Reading →

Payne: How Obama bullied Big Auto

“The Campaign,” an attack on the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling overturning restrictions on free speech, masquerades as a summer comedy starring Will Farrell. The film furthers the simplistic media-Hollywood Left stereotype that corporations buy politicians. That’s fiction. For a dose of reality, a new House Oversight Committee report on the Obama Administration’s 54.5 MPG-by-2025 average vehicle fuel economy … Continue Reading →