Chad Livengood

People with bad habits won't flow far down Snyder's 'river of opportunity'

For the most part, I like the way Gov. Rick Snyder thinks when it comes to problems. That is to say, his instinct is to find a solution and implement it. He’s not much interested in philosophical debates, moving the polls or “winning the news cycle.” So when he looks at the way state government … Continue Reading →

If tax credits are to blame for Michigan's deficit, Lansing should get rid of them

The world is not going to end because Michigan state government finds itself, one a one-time basis, with a $325 million budget shortfall. Services have to be cut? A few people might have to be temporarily laid off? It happens — companies in the private sector do stuff like this all the time when revenues … Continue Reading →

AFSCME plays race card to prevent Michigan from rescuing minority-led cities

Having now emerged from bankruptcy, Detroit is now in the best position it’s been in years to emerge from a decades-long fiscal spiral and restore some semblance of economic vitality. And apparently it’s all because of a racist law. That’s the argument of plaintiffs who are now going to be allowed to proceed with a … Continue Reading →

Calabrese: On fixing roads, voters a lot smarter than Lansing types

I do not know Jeff Williams, CEO of Lansing-based Public Sector Consultants. But I can tell from reading one quote that he has been completely assimilated to the thinking of the political class when it comes to taxes and the execution of governance. Concerning the identification of additional money to fix Michigan roads — oh, … Continue Reading →

Speaker Bolger is right: Unions need to pay, or no pension bailout

The worst thing the State of Michigan could do concerning the Detroit bankruptcy is to kick in $350 million — no strings attached — from its tobacco settlement fund to make the city’s tentative agreement with pensioners work. That’s because, as we’ve already discussed around here in recent days, when you subsidize something you get … Continue Reading →

Randy Richardville

Detroit's hero? Randy Richardville prevents DIA sell-off

You can put down your signs, protestors; lose the bullhorns, too. House Speaker Jase Bolger can table Senate Bill 401, because there will be no need to take it up in the fall. Commentators, you can end the mental gymnastics that sought to make an idea favored by trollish website commentators — selling the DIA’s … Continue Reading →