Identity crisis: When brothers kill brothers

I am disturbed by the reasons for the rash of killing in Detroit. The killings are not a new thing in Detroit or any other American city of 50,000 or more. But lately, Detroit and Chicago seem to be on the wild. Detroit, known as the murder capital since 1975, had three triple murders in … Continue Reading →

Yes, Virginia, "more guns, less crime" is an argument people make

A few respondents to my “5 inconvenient truths about Detroit crime” column seem to think I set up a strawman in point 3, when I say that more guns, less crime is hogwash and that Detroit’s example proves it. “Who is making the ‘arm Detroit’ argument?” my friend @TimChilcote asked via Twitter. Nobody, I responded. … Continue Reading →

5 inconvenient truths about Detroit crime

Emily Doerr’s mugging near her Woodbridge home and Karen Dumas’ response to it has inspired the best conversation on public safety in Detroit that I’ve seen in quite a time. But the conversation has grown weedy and it’s important we refocus. If this is a chance to seriously talk about crime in Detroit, let’s not … Continue Reading →

Should blacks be held accountable?

Who can we blame for black-on-black murder? Is it the white the manufacturer of the same guns that are used to kill white kids and adults in these public mass killings in malls and schools? Are there black gun manufacturers? Blame is one thing, but the facts stand alone. More than 93 percent of the … Continue Reading →

Payne: Charlotte Democrats in Chicago's streets

Who are the angry, greedy, striking union teachers crowding Chicago’s streets this week? They are the same faces that crowded the floor of the Democratic Convention in Charlotte last week. The American Federation of Teachers (of which the Chicago Teachers Union is a member) and the National Education Association were heavily represented among the Democratic … Continue Reading →