Dave Bing

Detroit has a bankruptcy plan, but will it follow through?

What if you had a bankruptcy exit plan, but City Council refused to follow it? I’m hoping Detroit doesn’t have to find out the hard way. In testimony Wednesday before U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes, “expert” Martha Kopacz offered what might seem at first like a fairly obvious observation. But it’s the sort of thing … Continue Reading →

Dan Calabrese: Don't be so sure Kevyn Orr will be shown the door after 18 months

I understand the headline, but it still makes me laugh: Orr to give Duggan major role in Detroit operations, Nolan Finley reported. Perhaps the most absurd thing is that we’ve reached the point where nothing about this strikes us as absurd. Detroit had an election, chose a mayor . . . so what? Kevyn Orr … Continue Reading →

What Detroit Needs Now

With Governor’s Snyder’s announcement that an emergency manager is on the way, the time for navel-gazing and re-litigating the past is over. It’s time to finally take strong, even radical, action to fix Detroit. So, what to do now? I do not pretend to have a magic formula. But I think a new mindset is … Continue Reading →