Debbie Stabenow

Peters' response to pet coke story raises questions

In a story written last week, major inconsistencies in Congressman and Senate candidate Gary Peters’ investments were uncovered, as it pertains to his stances on petroleum coke. Since the article was posted, it has been confirmed by the Peters campaign that he owns almost $20,000 in stock in Total S.A., based in France and one … Continue Reading →

Payne: Debbie Does Nothing

Did you know that Debbie Stabenow is on the Senate Budget Committee? When Stabenow’s GOP Senate opponent, Pete Hoekstra, held a news conference Monday taking Michigan’s junior senator to task for not fulfilling her basic job description for over three years – passing a budget – Michiganians might have been doubly surprised. Not just that … Continue Reading →

Payne: It's Pete Spend-it-not vs. Debbie I-can-feel-global-warming-when-I-fly

Pete Hoekstra’s chief opponent, Clark Durant, attacked the ex-businessman from Holland as a professional pol who had spent years in Washington, on the campaign trail, and on K Street. But the public eye has its advantages. Hoekstra’s time in the Congressional limelight and a near-successful gubernatorial run in 2010 gave him overwhelming name recognition over … Continue Reading →

Hey Pete, you missed a spot.


Former Rep. Pete Hoekstra is getting some spring cleaning done.  He’s rolled his sleeves up and scrubbed everything associated with the racist ad he ran during the Super Bowl.  You remember, the ad that is still available over the web, and gave Senator Stabenow an unforced and undeserved lead? I didn’t know Pete was a … Continue Reading →