Bill Clinton, good news for Haiti

On March 1, 2015, Bill Clinton, sometimes called the first black president of the United States, announced the opening of the fourth international hotel in Port Au Prince, Haiti. The 175-room, 45-million-dollar Marriott hotel joins three others and a Hilton at the new airport that is on target for 2016. The world media, for the … Continue Reading →

Gov. Snyder missed the boat.

Gov. Rick Snyder's political flood

  As they say, “If you don’t like the weather in Michigan, wait 5 minutes.” But for Gov. Rick Snyder in an election year, dialing in a phone interview during a record-breaking rainfall might be a bigger headache than this morning’s commute, leaving a stormy road ahead for an almost certain re-election year. Earlier this … Continue Reading →

Michigan barely ducks minimum wage fiasco

There are sensible ways to determine wage levels. Then there are idiotic ways to do it. Continue in this direction, way to the furthest conceivable expanses of the insanity spectrum, and eventually you will arrive at the way “Raise Michigan” almost succeeded at forcing everyone to do it. That would be this: Send hired propagandists armed … Continue Reading →

Hoekstra: Why John Conyers will likely make the ballot

  There’s a very good chance U.S. Rep. John Conyers will prolong his already interminable Congressional career, despite a state law that says his name should not even appear on the ballot. In order for Conyers to run for office in the August primary election, he had a simple enough task: collect 1,000 signatures on … Continue Reading →