Rev. Robert Smith: In gay marriage debate, don't miss the target

There are many good people upset at the ruling of Judge Bernard Friedman on the matter of gays adopting one another’s children and marrying. The ruling opens the door for gays to legally marry in a state that voted against gay marriage. Is this a BIG DEAL? No. This is no big deal. This is … Continue Reading →

Professor Chaos

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter is going to run as a write-in. In a redistricted-for-GOP 11th, you’d think this was a good idea. They cherry-picked conservative towns and threw them into the tidy-bowl swirl that surrounds the North Woodward corridor. From Birmingham to Troy, there are 3 Congressional districts within a mile of each other. All drawn … Continue Reading →

Math and Mitt

A rather striking number to note from the primary last night.  While former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum splits (exactly) 15 delegates with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the news story and press releases for “winning Michigan” come from one single place. Oakland County. Across the state, the Mitt/Rick vote was 409,120 to 377,144, for a … Continue Reading →

OC is doing the heavy lifting for Mitt

Romney and the OC

Just like former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum with El Paso County in Colorado, a single county is making up the margin of victory, and likely, the state race. While it’s too close to call, here’s something to take a look at. With 51% of the precincts reporting, Mitt Romney owns a 20,410 vote lead (per … Continue Reading →