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Republicans grasping at straws in gay marriage debate

In a number of states across the country, including Michigan, Republicans are fighting progress and asking that their states be allowed to discriminate against people based on sexual preference by allowing gay marriage bans approved by voters and state legislatures to remain legal. This is being done in spite of rulings that these bans are … Continue Reading →

Loss of autonomy the price of Detroit's recklessness

Here’s a suggestion to every individual, family, small or large business, unit of government or any other entity of any kind: Avoid the kinds of financial behavior that might lead you into massive debt. You won’t like what happens next. That is the feeling now overtaking Detroit’s assistant corporation counsel, Lewis Smith, who unloaded on … Continue Reading →

Rev. Robert Smith: Does Detroit need oversight or an overseer?

Laura Berman’s April 21 column raises some interesting questions, questions that are not new for this turbulent time in Detroit. This matter of having to have an emergency manager or takeover man to run the city has always been a racially-charged issue. The Crain’s column that Laura Berman responded to did indeed use the proper … Continue Reading →

Dale Hansen: Gov. Rick Snyder: One misleading flip flopper

Four years ago, Rick Snyder talked a lot about how things would run if elected governor. Unfortunately the governor failed to keep his word. For example during the gubernatorial debates, when asked about taxing pensions, Rick Snyder’s response was “that’s not how you address tax reform,” yet that is precisely what he did to pay … Continue Reading →

Robert Smith Jr: Will the last one to leave Detroit turn out the lights?

For the last 40 years there has been a crowd of haters standing on the sideline waiting to get proof that the people of Detroit did the wrong thing by voting in the a man like Coleman A. Young. For years they ran an “Anybody But Coleman” (ABC) campaign. They couldn’t beat him no matter … Continue Reading →

There's nothing nuclear about the nuclear option

Harry Reid and Senate Democrats made waves last week when they detonated the “nuclear option.” Thanks to this change in Senate rules, ending debate on judicial nominees will only require 51 votes instead of the previous 60 votes needed to quash a filibuster. It should be noted this change does not affect the typical Senate … Continue Reading →

Maybe EM opponents should have taken democracy seriously in the first place

Another day, another gathering of people who don’t like Michigan’s emergency manager law, and especially don’t like its use in Detroit. If you look at the roster of participants, as reported on Saturday by Serena Maria Daniels of The Detroit News, notice that we’re talking mostly about advocacy groups rather than ordinary citizens. The Michigan Welfare … Continue Reading →