Maybe Michigan is ready to let go of the past after all

It turned out Michigan voters didn’t have a conniption fit over right-to-work legislation, even if it was “rushed through a lame-duck session” or whatever. It turned out Michigan voters didn’t lose their minds because pension income is now taxable. It turned out Michigan voters don’t think it’s such a bad thing that corporations pay less … Continue Reading →

Dale Hansen: Gov. Rick Snyder: One misleading flip flopper

Four years ago, Rick Snyder talked a lot about how things would run if elected governor. Unfortunately the governor failed to keep his word. For example during the gubernatorial debates, when asked about taxing pensions, Rick Snyder’s response was “that’s not how you address tax reform,” yet that is precisely what he did to pay … Continue Reading →

Jason Vines: For Mary Barra, a tough time on Capitol Hill

Newly-minted GM CEO Mary Barra goes from spectacularly breaking the auto industry’s glass ceiling to perhaps the world’s worse frying pan today – a U.S. House of Representatives hearing. It won’t be fun for her, but considering the revelations about GM knowing they had a problem almost a decade ago and doing nothing about it … Continue Reading →

Calabrese: The Horrors: Terri Lynn Land preferred a non-government rescue for GM, Chrysler

Liberals get particularly obnoxious when they think they’re winning. That’s when they have a habit of not just claiming they told you so, but of systematically trying to punish anyone who ever disagreed with their ideas —  even if they need to be completely dishonest in how they do so. So it is no surprise … Continue Reading →

Calabrese: Volkswagen workers assess the reality, not the legend, of the UAW

The leaders of the United Auto Workers have quite the heroic view of themselves. You can hear it in their rhetoric. You can sense it in their organizing strategies. They are absolutely convinced — as are many of their media allies — that they are the only thing standing between workers and sweat shop squalor. … Continue Reading →

Dan Calabrese: Hurray! We're still dependent on three dinosaur manufacturers!

Five years ago, Michigan’s business and political leaders went hat in hand to Washington begging a Congress dealing with its own financial crisis to ensure that we would not have to change the way we do things in Michigan. This week, as the federal government sold off the last of its stock in General Motors, … Continue Reading →

Richard Wagoner, Robert Nardelli, Alan Mulally, Ron Gettelfinger

Detroit's auto bailout: Success worth celebrating

Can we now admit that the auto bailout of 2008-09 was a success? The just-released March auto sales numbers continue a trend we have seen build for a couple years now. The U.S. auto industry is thriving, even in a slow-growth economy. And, even better than that, “Detroit automakers outperformed the industry as a whole,” … Continue Reading →