General Motors

Dan Calabrese: For General Motors, it's back to the future

It’s 2008, right? That’s why we’re talking about this. It’s Rick Wagoner explaining to Congress that GM has really learned its lesson this time and will get its act together, and will fix its backwards, isolated culture, and it will absolutely never happen again. Just give us one more chance, and you won’t regret it! … Continue Reading →

Calabrese: Gary Peters: Small businesses need more debt, whether creditworthy or not

No one should be surprised that Congressman Gary Peters is doing what Democrats do, which is use taxpayer money to buy votes. And no one should be surprised that Peters is turning Hamlet on its ear: Both a lender and a borrower be! Peters wants to expand “access to capital” for small businesses, which is … Continue Reading →

Calabrese: GM to feds: Protect us from consequences of screwups (again)

  Let’s see if anyone can detect a pattern here: A gigantic corporation, through a combination of arrogance and incompetence, mismanages its way to the brink of oblivion, only to be rescued from the consequences of its screwups by the federal government. Five years later, a gigantic corporation, through a combination of arrogance and incompetence, … Continue Reading →

Jason Vines: For Mary Barra, a tough time on Capitol Hill

Newly-minted GM CEO Mary Barra goes from spectacularly breaking the auto industry’s glass ceiling to perhaps the world’s worse frying pan today – a U.S. House of Representatives hearing. It won’t be fun for her, but considering the revelations about GM knowing they had a problem almost a decade ago and doing nothing about it … Continue Reading →

ren cen

Kaitlyn Buss: GM and Detroit's symbiotic image battles

As someone who grew up near Detroit, left to work in Washington, D.C., but has now moved back to Michigan amidst the Motor City’s rebirth, General Motors’ recent safety catastrophe is hard to swallow. And while CEO Mary Barra has acknowledged wrongdoing under previous leadership, she hasn’t gone far enough. GM faces two battles. One is … Continue Reading →

Joshua Pugh: Terri Lynn Land out of touch on auto rescue

For Michigan middle class families looking to better understand the choice in candidates to replace U.S. Senator Carl Levin this November, they can start by considering a major point of contrast – the auto rescue. When politicians wanted to turn their back, Gary Peters fought for Michigan middle class families and our auto industry. But … Continue Reading →

Dale Buss predicted Mary Barra's rise to GM CEO

Our Thursday THINK section is one of my favorite parts of the week. It’s our chance to offer longer, more in-depth pieces, often by veteran journalists and fellow Detroit News staffers, about a variety of topics. We’ve run THINK pieces on college football, Detroit’s bankruptcy and everything in between. Sometimes our THINK pieces predict the … Continue Reading →

Detroit: Bankrupt, but not broken

From Sunday, Aug. 11 to Tuesday, Aug. 13, The Detroit News editorial page ran a series called Detroit: Bankrupt, but not broken, that not only assessed where things stand in Detroit today, in the first major American city to declare bankruptcy, but how we got here and how to get back from here. For people … Continue Reading →