Gov. Rick Snyder

Legislature plays chicken with voters on road proposal

There is no Plan B! Oh, and have we mentioned that there is no Plan B? The Legislature and Gov. Rick Snyder just want to make sure you know that if you don’t vote to increase the sales tax when you get your big chance to vote on the May road funding proposal known as … Continue Reading →

New budget continues Snyder's reign of wild-eyed executive competence

Remember the days before government-hating right-wingers took over state government in Michigan? Those were the days before conservatives tore down the foundations of Lansing’s governing structures, when we had an annual state budget of $47 billion. Now, as we enter our fifth year under these wild-eyed Republican ideologues, Michigan must somehow function under a state … Continue Reading →

Religious radicals are the biggest threat to Michigan politics

While Republican politicians such as Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal wax on about non-existent “no-go zones” in the West for those who are not Muslims, and about Dearborn supposedly being governed by “sharia” (under the leadership of Irish-American mayor Jack O’Reilly), they are deflecting attention from those who are the true religious radicals in the American polity. … Continue Reading →

Skubick: Budget cuts will make 'anti-taxers' say budget cuts are possible

Lansing is a really weird place. It makes people think in weird ways. This is especially true if you read Tim Skubick a lot, since the so-called “dean” of the capital press corps long ago lost the ability to think about anything except through the lens of politics. So imagine how much farther down that … Continue Reading →

If tax credits are to blame for Michigan's deficit, Lansing should get rid of them

The world is not going to end because Michigan state government finds itself, one a one-time basis, with a $325 million budget shortfall. Services have to be cut? A few people might have to be temporarily laid off? It happens — companies in the private sector do stuff like this all the time when revenues … Continue Reading →

Michigan must kill prevailing wage at 50

2015 is a landmark year for prevailing wage in Michigan. The law was signed in 1965, meaning 50 years of union-driven, artificially hiked construction costs on state-funded projects. That’s a half-century. But thanks to the Michigan Supreme Court, 2015 could also see the beginning of the end of these wretched policies, at least at local … Continue Reading →

"Treatment" won't stop irresponsible people from doing drugs

Gov. Rick Snyder last week signed a bill that would create a pilot program to require drug testing for certain recipients of public benefits. It’s only going to be tried in a few counties, and there’s no guarantee it will ever go statewide, but the idea is to prevent people from sponging off taxpayer money … Continue Reading →

Cowardly Legislature thankfully soon to hit the pothole-infested road

I had a flashback when I heard about the Legislature’s punt on funding for road fixes. It was the kind that makes you sit up in bed in a cold sweat, screaming. No! I thought we were done with this! Granholm went to California! Maybe to re-live her Dating Game glory days! Don’t let it … Continue Reading →

In debate over fixing Michigan's roads, legacies are on the line

Maybe it’s me. It’s probably me. I can lose sight of the world that exists beyond my e-mail and my news feed. But I’m getting the impression that Gov. Rick Snyder has gone into one of these come-hell-or-high-water modes when it comes to raising — and presumably spending rather quickly — the money necessary to … Continue Reading →

Foster care placement bill is another lame duck disaster

  Lame duck lawmakers in Lansing are at it again, passing controversial legislation as they did two years ago. One such bill, which just made it out of the House, is Bill No. 4991. On its face, 4991 will protect the sincerely held religious beliefs of non-government agencies that are involved in child placement. In reality, this bill, … Continue Reading →