Dale Hansen: The NSA is scary good

Since June 2013, when Edward Snowden released government documents confirming the existence of various data gathering methods used by the National Security Agency, there has been a lot of discussions surrounding the value of these programs.  Many of these same conversations also occurred in 2006 when it was reveled that the NSA was collecting data … Continue Reading →

Robert Smith Jr: Is race the new class?

There is a new way to look at things these days and it is not about race, but class. The new divide for this country and the rest of the world is no longer skin color. When I look at Alabama and Auburn play football with the world watching and the players are made up … Continue Reading →

What Detroit Needs Now

With Governor’s Snyder’s announcement that an emergency manager is on the way, the time for navel-gazing and re-litigating the past is over. It’s time to finally take strong, even radical, action to fix Detroit. So, what to do now? I do not pretend to have a magic formula. But I think a new mindset is … Continue Reading →