Gun Control

Yes, Virginia, "more guns, less crime" is an argument people make

A few respondents to my “5 inconvenient truths about Detroit crime” column seem to think I set up a strawman in point 3, when I say that more guns, less crime is hogwash and that Detroit’s example proves it. “Who is making the ‘arm Detroit’ argument?” my friend @TimChilcote asked via Twitter. Nobody, I responded. … Continue Reading →

5 inconvenient truths about Detroit crime

Emily Doerr’s mugging near her Woodbridge home and Karen Dumas’ response to it has inspired the best conversation on public safety in Detroit that I’ve seen in quite a time. But the conversation has grown weedy and it’s important we refocus. If this is a chance to seriously talk about crime in Detroit, let’s not … Continue Reading →

Treat Detroit's mental health

Last week, a Detroit man murdered his grandmother and aunt – and critically-injured his own daughter. Police say that the suspect was mentally ill, and is reported to have a Concealed Pistol License (CPL). As the families suffer and Detroit police officers take on another case of gun-related homicide, I feel frustrated with the senseless … Continue Reading →

Mormon Church subsidiary facilitates sale of unregulated guns

The Mormon Church isn’t just a house of worship, it’s a business too. In fact it’s a huge corporate conglomerate with many commercial subsidiaries, including “one of the most active and unregulated gun sale websites in America.” The site,, is owned by Deseret Media, one of the for-profit enterprises of the Mormon Church. It … Continue Reading →

Aurora shooting reveals the margin of our society

The shooting in Aurora kept me up for a long time.  After all, it’s barely 48 hours from the incident, but I’m sitting here watching a 48 Hours special on it.  The extent of this shooting sends a chill up my spine.  As a former resident of Colorado and its environs, I can see myself … Continue Reading →