Michigan political paczki and women's health for women

If you’re watching cable news, you might’ve noticed this narrative going around on how former Senator Rick Santorum is waging a war on women’s health.  He also labeled President Obama with a “phony theology”, and is really having fun with his new-found status as a front-runner. But when it comes to women’s health, Rick is … Continue Reading →

Maine's "official" results from Washington County, ME.

Remember the Maine

If you remember the days after Iowa, when Mitt Romney “won” the state, and all the media outlets took the Iowa state GOP’s word on the matter (rather counting votes), you might be a little wary of when the next state GOP announcement from Maine also declares Mitt Romney the winner. In fact, you might … Continue Reading →

What Is a la Carte?

Gloves are off in GOP presidential race

While Newt is wise to issue a half-serious edict for all of his staff to keep things civil,  other candidates stuck in the wings of this rapidly-narrowing field are beginning to feel like Vice President Cheney’s hunting partners.  Anyone’s votes are up for grabs, but perhaps the GOP candidates should consider consolidating their message backstage, then … Continue Reading →