Legislators' partisan caucuses keep Michiganians in the dark

Michigan politicos were all aflutter this week when State Rep. Cindy Gamrat, R-Plainwell, was booted from the House Republican caucus. She supposedly leaked details of closed door meetings to the public — a huge no-no in Lansing. We’ll never quite know for sure, because, in the words of Michigan House Speaker Kevin Cotter’s spokesman: “…We’ve got a … Continue Reading →

Kathy Hoekstra Michigan's coming welfare reform could have real teeth

A bill sent to Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder this week could, if well-executed, go a long way in helping some folks off the government’s dime and gain rewarding life experience in the process. Senate Bill 276 allows eligible welfare recipients to perform community service in order to collect cash benefits as part of the state’s … Continue Reading →

Gary Wolfram: Michigan must revive local revenue-sharing

State revenue sharing and the distribution of gasoline tax money to local units have declined significantly over the past decade.  The decline in state support has coincided with a decline in property values and tax revenue during the Great Recession.  This drop in total available revenue has led to a significant reduction in the ability … Continue Reading →

Maria Servold: Lawmakers should approve snow removal money

Michigan lawmakers in the Senate Appropriations Committee are apparently considering creating a special funding amendment that would give money to counties, cities and other municipalities to help them pay for snow removal. This is a great idea. According to a Tuesday report in The Detroit News, many municipalities have burned through their winter road maintenance … Continue Reading →

Jeff Hadden: Fiscal finaglers could evade Balanced Budget Amendment

Utah Sen. Mike Lee delivered the Tea Party response to the president’s State of the Union address this week. One of his major claims to fame is the sponsorship of a bill seeking adoption of a federal balanced budget amendment. Gov. Rick Snyder called for such an amendment in his recent State of the State … Continue Reading →