Lisa Brown

Is Mark Schauer above the law?

For the second time this year, the Mark Schauer/Lisa Brown campaign is caught in a PR firestorm from a complaint alleging the campaign of breaking Michigan campaign finance law by making illegal contributions to Lisa Brown. According to the complaint, Schauer illegally contributed candidate-to-candidate contributions to Lisa Brown before she was his official lieutenant governor … Continue Reading →

Schauer campaign: the law is "frivolous and meritless"

Michigan families recently saw yet another example of the culture of low character stemming from Mark Schauer’s campaign for governor. This latest example of delinquency reinforces the lengths Mark Schauer will go to in order to win – even if it means breaking the law. Kim Jorns, executive director of the Michigan Republican Party, filed … Continue Reading →

Don't let Michigan Republicans fool you again

The Michigan Legislature has been tilting left recently and the conservative media has taken notice. The reality is that Michigan legislators are no different than any other legislators — their number one goal is to stay in power. And with the elections fast approaching, Michigan’s Republican officeholders are looking for ways to remove the extremist … Continue Reading →

In the Legislature, a tradition worth ending

Because things went so well last time, on Wednesday the Michigan House voted, 107-2, to keep State Rep. Jase Bolger, R – Marshall, on as House Speaker. After the vote, House Democratic Leader Tim Griemel of Auburn Hills regaled reporters with tales of “longstanding tradition” and the “symbolic” importance of presenting a united front behind … Continue Reading →