Republican road funding plan deals another blow to democracy

For more than a decade now, the Michigan Legislature has failed to properly fund the Department of Transportation, which has resulted in a steady decline in the quality of Michigan’s roads. The Michigan Senate agreed on bipartisan legislation to address this issue, which Gov. Rick Snyder supports. But Speaker of the House Jase Bolger is concerned … Continue Reading →

Schauer panders to teachers unions

If you’re not already fairly certain what kind of leader Mark Schauer would be on education, consider who he’s been palling around with during his campaign for governor. The fact he regularly spends time with state and national teachers union leaders signals his agenda. Just last week, he visited a Dearborn school with American Federation … Continue Reading →

Right to work: Top Five teacher union member reservations

This month marks the first time Michigan public school teachers have had the choice to opt out of the union in decades. Some teachers are hesitant to change their union status. Five reasons teachers might want maintain their relationship with the Michigan Education Association (MEA). 1) Education is fine the way it is. Standards are … Continue Reading →