Beards, the Supreme Court, and religious expression for inmates

Justices of the United States Supreme Court three days ago strongly questioned oral arguments from Arkansas Department of Corrections defending their “no beard” policy for inmates, even when beards are worn for bona fide religious reasons. The policy is being challenged by a Muslim convert named Gregory Holt, who holds that Arkansas is in violation … Continue Reading →

Learning lessons from the anniversary of Bosnian genocide

Bosnian Americans, in recent days, have commemorated the 19th anniversary of the Bosnian genocide in which thousands were slaughtered and tens of thousands were expelled from their land by Serbian forces. Some of those Bosnian refugees were granted asylum in America and now reside in Metro Detroit. I have a special connection to these naturalized … Continue Reading →

Dawud Walid: Quran burning pastor's antics are kept alive by undue attention

Infamous Quran burning pastor Terry Jones is returning to Dearborn this Saturday to stir up some hoopla with more anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant chatter. Jones is able to keep his antics up in part to undeserved attention that continues to be showered upon him. In fact, his public stature is a creation of undue attention. His … Continue Reading →

Dawud Walid: A ways yet to go since the signing of the Civil Rights Act

The recent marking of the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a reminder of how far we’ve come as a nation, yet shows that we have a ways to go for racial, gender and religious equality in America. Decades of activism, which came to a crescendo at the March on Washington … Continue Reading →

GOP needs inclusive tone beyond immigration reform

Comprehensive immigration reform will most likely pass in Congress this year due to the political reality facing the GOP in presidential politics. America is quickly becoming a browner nation, and GOP national leadership knows that it can never win a presidency again by alienating people of color, save gerrymandering and voter suppression on steroids. Given … Continue Reading →