Paul Ryan

Federal tax code unfair to the super rich

Last week, the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) chaired by Republican Paul Ryan released a document titled Fairness in Tax Policy. Not surprisingly, conservative pundits like Forbes contributor Robert W. Wood fall all over themselves to misrepresent the information in this document with statements like “The 1% Makes 19% Of All Income, Pays 49% Of … Continue Reading →

Dale Hansen: The minimum wage doesn't kill jobs, politicians do

This week the Congressional Budget Office released a report discussing the potential outcome of an increase in the federal minimum wage. While the proposal would pull nearly 1 million people out of poverty and increase wages for some 24 million American workers, the only portion of the report Republicans would like to discuss is the … Continue Reading →

Dickson: A House For Few Peoples: Dave Agema only a symptom of GOP's problem

It’s nice, I suppose, that Republicans seem disturbed by Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema’s bigoted remarks against gays and Muslims. But those remarks against gays and Muslims, which I won’t repeat here, are only a symptom of the GOP’s real problem: The party is not a house for all peoples. It’s a house for (a subset … Continue Reading →

Gary Wolfram: In America's budget crisis, a conservative opportunity

Some conservatives have expressed strong opposition to the budget deal worked out between Congressman Paul Ryan and Senator Patty Murray. Certainly there is a lot to not like about the budget. It really does not address the long term issues of mandatory spending. We will only make progress in the towards reigning in our massive … Continue Reading →

Biden rolls over Ryan in VP debate 2012

Wondering who won the night at the 2012 VP debate? It depends on whom you ask. From my seat, Joe Biden won hands down. Congressman Ryan discovered all his vague pseudo-wonkery falls apart when he’s pressed to provide details or show us his math. He couldn’t do it, because then he would have to tell … Continue Reading →

Raging Joe Biden is back for a VP debate, this time with a real conservative opponent with depth.

Raging Biden, trust-me Ryan

Vice President Joe Biden channeled Raging Biden, but Rep. Paul Ryan held up, holding serve for Romney’s initial debate lead.  Starting from foreign policy, leading to the economy, and on to Medicare/Medicaid, we seem to learn more about policy from the people who actually won’t be president. The vice presidential session felt like a real … Continue Reading →

Payne: Private Ryan, Public Ryan

If Mitt Romney embodies the optimism of America’s entrepreneurial class, then blue-eyed, 42-year old Paul Ryan is his public policy reflection – a pol with a Reagan & Kemp resume who wants to find solutions. “Together we can do this,” said Ryan over and over Wednesday night from the Tampa convention podium. This is the … Continue Reading →