Yes, money can fix public education

TNoted conservative political activist Star Parker recently penned a column extoling the virtues of federal legislation that would let education dollars follow students to schools beyond their local public school. The problem is, “school choice” is just another red herring conservatives offer to fix the manufactured “crisis in education.” While Parker praises the likes of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Luke … Continue Reading →

Soon, America won't have Obama to kick around anymore

In January, both houses of Congress will be majority Republican. Many of these elected officials believe they have been sent to make sure they discredit any and every positive aspect of President Barack Obama tenure. The Republicans before them worked hard to stop Obama from being reelected in 2012 after he shocked the world in 2008 … Continue Reading →

Campbell Brown's education reform isn't good for children

When it comes to fear-mongering, vocal Republicans have no equal. Even though the only legislation passed during the Obama administration regarding gun rights actually expanded those rights, that doesn’t stop the NRA from claiming the president is trying to take guns away. Even though the Affordable Care Act has never been responsible for euthanizing a … Continue Reading →

Education reform is dumb

Over the past few years government officials, from the president down to local school boards, have been discussing ways to improve education. These discussions typically start with the belief that American schools are failing. Reformers use this belief to argue for any number of changes. Even though unions represent only 38% of America’s teachers, many … Continue Reading →

Dale Hansen: Bad bills hamper teacher effectiveness

Republican legislators pay a lot of lip service to cutting wasteful spending. Unfortunately their actions aren’t always in line with their rhetoric. Recent examples of this include the Florida welfare drug testing program, the U.S. Defense budget and the support for lower capital gains tax rates, which all have Republicans unnecessarily wasting taxpayer money. But no … Continue Reading →

Dawud Walid: Lansing needs to give hand to kids in poverty

A challenge which we face as one of the world’s most wealthy nations is the need to institute better public policies to safeguard our most vulnerable populations from poverty. Children perhaps are the most vulnerable group of them all. A new report by Kids Count in Michigan project at the Michigan League for Public Policy … Continue Reading →

James Melton: The war on poverty is winnable, if we change tactics

On Jan. 8, 1964, 50 years ago exactly, President Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty in the United States. Anybody who thought the war would be won quickly was wrong. That does not mean we should give up. As we assess the war on poverty 50 years in, it’s important to note that the persistence … Continue Reading →

Market capitalism and the needy, Part 1

Limited government, individual liberty, and the market economy are the best ways of organizing society for the benefit of the needy. True, the market economy is efficient – but efficiency is not an argument that resonates with the general public.  Ludwig von Mises, the great Austrian economist, warned in the 1920s that those who defend … Continue Reading →