regulatory overkill

Civil forfeiture: Hand over the raisins now

Outrage has slowly begun to build over the policy of “civil forfeiture”, where the government can seize your property without a conviction or trial. Yet, for nearly 80 years, another bloated government bureaucracy, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been doing essentially the same thing. The USDA has systematically robbed raisin growers of … Continue Reading →

Obama's regulatory tsunami costs businesses trillions

As the central planners in the White House continue to stumble about in confusion over how jobs are actually created in this country, they have allowed the federal agencies under their direct control to bury any hope of a sustained recovery under a tsunami of regulation. According to a new study commissioned by the National … Continue Reading →

The EPA's kangaroo court

When it comes to dealing with federal regulatory agencies and their legions of bureaucrats, any hope of “due process” for the average citizen has deteriorated to the point of farce. The latest example of a federal agency declaring itself judge, jury, and executioner is our good friend the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Apparently feeling outdone … Continue Reading →

Charles Owens: Two different mindsets on hiring ex-felons

A lack of employment opportunities is often cited as a contributing factor to ex-felons ending up back in the prison system. Cutting down on the number of repeat offenders in the Corrections system is one way to reduce prison costs and restore offenders to a productive role in society. Legislation currently pending in the Michigan … Continue Reading →