The sad desperation of faux outrage

“No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised.” – Mitt Romney, at a campaign stop in his home state of Michigan Yeah, Romney said it. It got a good chuckle, and I hope he says it again. Unlike fellow blogger Libby … Continue Reading →

C'mon America! Give reality and responsibility a chance!

It wasn’t the safest choice, or the most opportunistic choice.  But it certainly was a fighting choice.  Using the perfect metaphorical backdrop of the battleship USS Wisconsin, Mitt Romney threw a solid punch at Democrats by announcing Paul Ryan as his VP running mate. Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan is a stellar line in … Continue Reading →

Should skin matter?

Gary Peters looks white. I never heard him say he was. Hansen Clarke has said he’s black. Does it matter? Some say he’s Latino, others said they know he’s Arab, but both men are running for a national office from a city that is minority-majority black, a city that has been the “black and proud” … Continue Reading →

Payne: McCotter McBurnout

“Better to burn out than to fade away,” goes the great rock lyric. And like one of the hedonistic rockers that Thad McCotter loved to quote on the House floor , the guitar-wielding Michigan rep imploded in career-ending self-destruction this weekend when he abruptly resigned from Congress – leaving his fans puzzled and his Republican … Continue Reading →

Will black pastors stand by President Obama?

There are people that claim to be devoted Christians that work hard at taking the sure black vote from the Democratic Party. The Democrats have been able to count on the black vote since John Kennedy. They haven’t had to promise blacks anything or do very little that benefited blacks in any way. Black voters … Continue Reading →