Rick Jones

Come on, Sen. Jones: Of course RFRA has to do with the LGBT community

One of the reasons conservatives lose in the cultural debates these days is that they are afraid to say what they really mean. That appears to be a problem for State Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, who is prepared to protect Christians from being forced by the state to participate in gay weddings – but … Continue Reading →

Oh no! Uber is 'out of control' and Senate Republicans must do something!

Someone call a politician! A new business concept is working and no one is doing anything to complicate it! You’ve no doubt heard of Uber, an mobile app that allows people looking for a ride to connect with a loosely affiliated network of drivers willing to provide one for a fee the two parties negotiate … Continue Reading →

Calabrese: Rick Jones' dumb capitulation on the minimum wage

Understand, at the start, what the minimum wage is. It is not an instrument of help to low-income earners, because it doesn’t help them. The minimum wage is a ploy of politicians that allows them to do two things: 1. Appear as champions of those who don’t understand how to optimize their own economic value; … Continue Reading →