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Right to work: Top Five teacher union member reservations

This month marks the first time Michigan public school teachers have had the choice to opt out of the union in decades. Some teachers are hesitant to change their union status. Five reasons teachers might want maintain their relationship with the Michigan Education Association (MEA). 1) Education is fine the way it is. Standards are … Continue Reading →

Column: Obama's non-union, right-to-work manufacturing model?

President Obama made a non-union, diesel power-train plant in right-to-work North Carolina the first stop in his post-State of the Union tour touting American manufacturing. Not surprisingly, the White House made no mention of these inconvenient facts. Indeed, the Canadian-owned Linamar facility outside of Asheville contradicts the entire industrial policy that Obama has made the … Continue Reading →

Another look at Michigan right to work

The debate over right to work in Michigan has overlooked a significant fact. Popular perception is of Big Labor at big corporations – but, in fact, only a small minority of the private sector remains unionized. Only 11.3 percent of wage and salary workers in the U.S. are unionized. The percentage of unionized private sector … Continue Reading →

State of the State: Right-to-What?

With anti-right to work Big Labor protestors buzzing the Capital grounds before Governor Snyder’s State of  State address Wednesday, the media was braced for RTW fireworks inside the House chamber. But One Tough Nerd didn’t mention RTW in his comments – opaquely referring only to “a divisive time” at the end of the year “that … Continue Reading →