RNC 2012

Romney McDaniel: Mitt accepts nomination; a special night for the Romney family

At 10 am in the Marriott Ballroom 140 Romney/Davies family members gathered for a Tampa family reunion. What brought us each here was our desire to share in this moment with Ann and Mitt. Mitt was not going to make it today because he was about to deliver the biggest speech of his life and … Continue Reading →

Cox: RNC wrap-up: Romney presents a vision we can believe in

The 2012 Republican National Convention ended in a crescendo of celebration. Newt, Jeb, Marco and Clint entertained the convention and warmed up the crowd. It was a night of celebration of out candidate excepting the nomination and formally starting the campaign. The floor of the convention was electric, security was tight and everyone wanted to … Continue Reading →

Romney McDaniel: Ann's speech marked a special day for the family

Thursday morning I attended a Woman for Romney luncheon honoring Ann Romney and Janna Ryan. The attendees were still buzzing about Ann’s speech the night before. There was a moving tribute video to Ann, with old pictures, family movies and vignettes of each of her five sons speaking glowingly about their mom. Mitt introduced Ann … Continue Reading →

Cox: Ryan, Rice give us our marching orders

The State of Michigan’s importance is proven each and everyday. The list of speakers addressing the delegation is long and prestigious. Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia kicked the morning off, assuring us that Mitt Romney is the candidate for people who love liberty, for people who dream big dreams and achieve them. He reminded us … Continue Reading →

Romney McDaniel: It's official; Mitt is our man

Today started amazing and ended incredible. In the morning, the Michigan Delegation had the treat of hearing from NJ Governor Chris Christie. He is exponentially more dynamic in person than I had expected, and I expected a lot. He was entertaining, funny, self-deprecating, forceful and inspiring. He gave us our marching orders. Put Michigan in … Continue Reading →

Cox: RNC Day 1: Ann Romney steals the show

It was a powerful first day at the GOP convention. The Michigan Delegation is literally front and center of the stage!! With this privilege comes great responsibility and the Michigan Delegation is up to the task of victory for Mitt Romney. When the delegate votes were cast this afternoon it was touching to hear Scott … Continue Reading →

Koretzky: Hats off to the Michigan Delegation

It’s hard to believe that the Convention is almost halfway through. In addition to great speakers and parties, logistical chaos ensues -– traffic congestion, masses of people, loud music, sniffing dogs and bright lights. All of us in attendance are well-intended citizens trying to do our part, be heard, and fight for the future of … Continue Reading →

Cox: If Romney wins Michigan, he wins it all

Last night was filled with music and politics. I attended a reception where we were entertained by the Oakridge Boys (preview for tonight) and got a chance to meet and speak with Mitt Romney’s son, Josh. Delegates from several states including Florida and Virginia were at the reception. Lots of yummy pulled pork sandwiches and … Continue Reading →