Ronald Reagan

Net Neutrality highlights Americans' distrust for the federal government

In 2013, President Barack Obama called his administration “the most transparent administration in history.” But a common opinion among many Americans is that the Obama administration has lacked transparency. We saw it when the NSA was caught spying on American citizens. We saw it again when the IRS admitted to targeting groups applying for tax-exempt status … Continue Reading →

Soon, America won't have Obama to kick around anymore

In January, both houses of Congress will be majority Republican. Many of these elected officials believe they have been sent to make sure they discredit any and every positive aspect of President Barack Obama tenure. The Republicans before them worked hard to stop Obama from being reelected in 2012 after he shocked the world in 2008 … Continue Reading →

How can smart politicians be so stupid?

If you have a conservative friend on Facebook, you have probably seen the link to an article by former Congressman Allen West, R-FL, which is prefaced as “Here are 5 questions to ask a liberal progressive. Make sure you stand clear when their head explodes”. While this list may have liberals heads spinning it is … Continue Reading →

Hoekstra: God sets record straight on His "calls" to run for office

God sets record straight on His “calls” to run for office God: “For the love of Me, quit invoking Me!” For Immediate Release: Contact: St. Peter Peter@PearlyGates.God (Heaven – a.k.a. Big Sky, MT) Many public figures claim they run for political office because God called them to do so. The Daily Beast recounts five such … Continue Reading →

Dale Hansen: Do Republicans really want a Balanced Budget Amendment?

Many Republicans have been concerned about the federal deficit since George W. Bush turned a surplus into a deficit with increased spending and tax cuts, but as soon as Barack Obama was elected president, this concern quickly transformed into an obsession. To many, this has become such a dire situation that 20 states are now … Continue Reading →

Republican debate in North Carolina shames MLK

The debate that took place in North Carolina on MLK Day shames all freedom-loving Americans and shows just how Americans have lost all social conscience. From the time of Ronald Reagan to this present moment Americans have grown poorer and more callous than ever. It is all about self:  I, me and my. Juan Williams … Continue Reading →