Tax Returns

Romney VP refuses to release tax returns too

Mitt Romney required disclosure of “several years” of tax returns when he was interviewing his prospective number two men. This was confirmed by the Romney campaign itself. In a briefing with reporters in Virginia Saturday, senior adviser Beth Myers, who was charged with headed the vice president selection process, declined to specify exactly how many … Continue Reading →

Romney begging Obama to stop talking

It appears Mitt Romney doesn’t understand how a presidential campaign works. Which is surprising since he’s been running for president for about ten years now. But how else to explain Mr. Romney begging Obama to stop talking about his business record? “Our campaign would be — helped immensely if we had an agreement between both … Continue Reading →

Reid told truth about Romney's taxes

Whole lot of people, including national leaders of the Republican party, have been calling Harry Reid a liar but they’re wrong. Harry Reid told the truth. He didn’t accuse Mr. Romney of anything directly. Harry said someone he feels is credible told him Mitt Romney didn’t pay any income taxes for several years and he … Continue Reading →

John Kerry released 20 years of tax returns

Adding to my previous post, another false excuse Mr. Romney is using to avoid releasing his tax returns is that John Kerry had only released two years of returns in 2004. This is not true. As in “pants on fire” false. John Kerry released his tax returns every time he ran for Massachusetts Senator. By … Continue Reading →

Mitt Romney lying by omission

Mitt Romney is so desperate to create a distraction from the growing call for release of his tax returns, he and his army of Republicans and other apologists, have taken to throwing out any and all smears they can think of with the hope that something sticks in the news cycle. The most alarmingly dishonest … Continue Reading →

Mitt Romney fails his father's standard

Mitt Romney had a terrible week, what with the media all in his face about the conflicting evidence around his tenure at Bain. Team Romney scrambled to do damage control and try to change the subject. Mr. Romney himself did a whirlwind interview blitz on all the major TV stations Friday night to firmly declare … Continue Reading →