Six proposals to think about before you vote

Mr. Chris Motz, a loyal advocate of the State of Michigan, provides his look at the six state ballot proposals, and I believe it represents a clearer picture than advertisements you are pummeled with daily.

Mitt Romney echoes Rick Snyder's tax reform model

With the presidential debates forcing the Democratic Chorus off its Obama-led character assassination-of-Romney theme and into actual public policy issues, the tune has changed. From Obama spokesmen to Detroit Free Press writers to ABC’s Martha Raddatz to Saturday Night Live, the new Democratic line is: Which loopholes would the Romney-Ryan tax plan close? The question … Continue Reading →

Payne: Obama's taxpayer-financed toy for the rich

So what did your $465 million taxpayer loan to One Percenter Elon Musk get you? Another six-figure toy for President Obama’s rich West Coast friends. Musk’s Tesla auto company is rolling out its first copies of the Energy Department-financed, $97,700, 300-mile-range Model S electric sedan for journalist review. (Make that $90,200 — you are also … Continue Reading →

Payne: Stabenow hit on ObamaTax

The Michigan Senate race just got a whole lot more interesting. The Supreme Court’s ruling last week upholding a core Obamacare funding mechanism, the individual mandate, as a tax puts Sen. Debbie Stabenow (and other Democratic Senators running for re-election in 2012) on the defensive. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McDonnell, R-Kentucky, quickly seized on the … Continue Reading →

Payne: Dr. Lutz's Gas Tax Snake Oil

Like President Barack Obama, Chevy Volt designer “Maximum Bob” Lutz yearns for Euro-style high gas prices. “People say politically it can’t be done. . . in the United States,” said Lutz on the Frank Beckmann Show Monday, holding up high-gas tax European nations as leaders in the fight for oil independence from OPEC. But despite … Continue Reading →