Wayne County

Bring back Teana Walsh

According to no less an authority than Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy herself, Teana Walsh was a pretty good assistant prosecutor until her resignation on Friday. Here is Worthy’s assessment of Walsh: “During her tenure in the office, Teana Walsh has been known for her great work ethic and her compassion for victims of crime … Continue Reading →

Pensions bite again: Wayne County socked by promises that should never have been made

You might notice a pattern here. At the height of its problems (the last round, anyway), General Motors was paying the health care costs of more than 100,000 retirees. That’s a lot of money to lay out for people who are producing nothing for you, and never again will do so. Detroit’s bankruptcy was driven … Continue Reading →

Jeff Hadden: The ominous phrase hanging over Bob Ficano

Wayne County Executive Bob Ficano, it appears, is gearing up for a run at re-election. If he does run, he could be in for some embarrassment. As The News and political experts it interviewed point out, Ficano has name recognition, a crowded field and an early lead in building a campaign war chest. The News … Continue Reading →