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Day 37: Good health is for the kids also

Good health isn’t just for mom and dad. It is for the children too.

There is an epidemic of obesity in our country among adults but unfortunately, our children stand to be more at risk than we are. One of the culprits is the school lunch program.

A recent study among 1,000 southeastern Michigan students found that children who bought their meal were 29 percent more likely to be obese than those who brought their own lunch. Some of the high calorie, high energy and low nutrition lunches were billed as “Tator Tot Day.”

Why serve them?

They are cheaper.

I’ve read stories from nutritionists who say that adults who ate school lunches every day for a study gained weight. My trainer Melissa used to work with overweight children trying to change their lifestyles but found it difficult because parents would not change their bad eating habits.

Our lifestyle is not just for us. It is for our entire family. We are role models for our children. They often follow our lead. If we eat unhealthy, so will our children. For instance, my son Brandon is just 9 but he will often share a salad with me.

The government is attempting to make changes. The Department of Agriculture will limit the calories served during school meals and will offer a large variety of fruits and vegetables rather than just corn and potatoes.