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Day 39: Rosie's here we come

We are near the end, and it is time to celebrate two things as 40 days and 40 nights comes to its conclusion.

You are invited to the Ferndale Rosie O’Grady’s Thursday night beginning at 6:30 p.m. That is where we will gather for dinner and drinks to end our boycott of fried foods, alcohol, regular pop and desserts. I might have all of them on this night.

Second, it is also my birthday celebration and I’ve been promised a 7-Up cake. I will turn 52 this weekend and the significant thing is I feel better at 52 than I did at 42. I have diet and exercise in my life now. And though I am not perfect, I do have a game plan that I follow and it has made me stronger, leaner and more alert.

I like the new me. And I celebrate your accomplishments along with mine. We are all in this together. I want to hear your stories and see how you survived our annual challenge. Now the key is to use 40 days as a base for a healthier life style.

Trust me. If you curtail your fried food and drinking and introduce fruit and vegetables into your life along with exercise, you will feel better and look better. You might not see it or feel it at first but gradually over time you will notice the difference. Your friends will notice and that’s going to make you feel better.

We must work the concepts for 40 days and 40 nights into the rest of our lives. Hopefully it taught you a few things about yourself and how you can get around eating bad food.

Congratulations. It is almost time to celebrate.