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The Escalde is no longer running

Troy “The Escalade” Jackson is no longer with us and this is a sad week if you are a basketball fan.”The Escalade” was a 6-foot-10, 400 pound basketball player that used to play in the “And One” traveling basketball show that made a couple of stops in Detroit.

He was quick and nimble for his size and was a New York basketball legend. Even though he was athletic, “The Escalade” did not take care of himself. He was just 35 years old but it is difficult to carry that much weight around for long.

Friends said he was trying to lose weight but has always been a big man. The death of the Escalade tells us that we must attend to all phases of good health. We must watch what we eat. We must watch our weight and we must exercise. I have no doubt The Escalade worked out. But he never solved his other problems.

I used to love watching him play and his antics will be missed.