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Circuit training is quick but hardly easy

My trainer Melissa is on a roll this week and I am paying for it. She is developing new circuit training and guess who one of guinea pigs is? Yep you guessed it. I am on the list.

On Thursday the goal was to burn more than 1,000 calories during our 75 minute workout in her studio. I think we got there, because I am sore as I can be now. She is shocking the body, during our continuing process of trying to make me look different and make me bigger in some spots, smaller in others and more proportioned all around.

Let me share what we did this morning. We started with speed later to warm the legs up. Then we did the Melissa circuit. Squats and shoulder press with 20 pound weights. Jump squats on elevated platform. Step ups on platform.

Kettle ball squats and lifts. Side to side jumps on platform. Lateral presses with 10 pound weights. Lift and squats with 35 pound barbell. I did each exercise in intervals of 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 60 seconds and then back to 30 seconds. Then I got a three to four minute rest before hitting the speed ladder.

It was brutal, but I felt a sense of accomplishment when it was over. That is what exercise does for you. It is rough sometimes while you are going through it, but afterwards you know you did something most of the country did not.

I hate circuits, but I love circuits. They break up work outs and work different parts of the body. I do not do long, sustained work outs on the treadmill or exercise bike any more. We hit things hard, quickly and get the heart pumping.

If you have a trainer have them develop a circuit for you. Or you can make up one of your own. They are tough, but you finish them quicker than sustained workouts.